Month: April 2015

Inside California’s Plastic Bag Ban: What You Need to Know

Plastic bags are a cost effective, durable solution for the storage needs of both consumers and businesses in a wide range of different industries. Even if you don’t operate in the state of California, it is likely that you’ve heard of the recently passed bill that will ban the use of plastic bags in grocery… Read more »

The Poly Bag and Your Environment: Why Plastic Bags Help More than You Think

The modern, poly plastic bag isn’t just reusable—it’s multi-usable. Chances are, if you’ve used a poly bag for shopping, storage or other options, you’ve noticed the material’s astounding strength. Poly bags, while multifaceted, are also multi-skilled, and for several reasons. Poly Bags are Recycled, and Recycled Plastic Aids the Environment Sure, it’s a cliché claim—but… Read more »