Security Bags

Have you ever purchased goods from a duty-free store at an airport? If you have, you may have noticed that your purchases were sealed in a tamper proof bag. These bags are not to be opened until you reach your destination. Since your goods were purchased after the security screening, these bags signify that nobody has altered the merchandise. Some bag contents are more sensitive than others. For these contents, Rutan has created a line of specialty security bags to ensure that contents are not tampered with. Once you seal a security bag, it’s simple to tell if it has been opened or not thanks to the adhesive strip.

Security Bags

Our tamper proof security bags are made with adhesive tape strip that forms a permanent secure bond. They can be printed with serial numbers and bar codes and with a writeable white block patch so that contents can be marked in ballpoint. We also make them with a perforated detachable receipt strip.

We can print on your bag in black/white or 4 colors, line art or color process printing. They are produced in clear and opaque poly in a variety of sizes and styles depending upon the application’s security requirements.

Rutan has created bags for a number of uses, including:


  • – Casino note bags
  • – Chain of custody bags
  • – Courier envelopes
  • – Evidence bags
  • – Food service revenue bags
  • – Hazardous waste bags
  • – Law enforcement bags Lottery outlet money bags
  • – Messenger bags
  • – Money bags
  • – Patient service center collection bags
  • – Police security bags
  • – Retail bank-drop bags
  • – Toll collection bags
  • – Transfer bags

If you’re looking for a partner to help with your security bag needs, look no further than Rutan. Contact us today and chat with one of our customer service representatives – they’ll help ensure that you get the right, secure bag for your needs.

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