Different Uses of Plastic Bags: Around the House

Around the House

Keeping Mattresses Dry

Is bed-wetting a common problem in your house? Then no need to buy costly mattress guards! Instead, take a few unused plastic garbage bags, and line the mattress with them.

Stuff Pillows or Craft

Items like plastic beads, beans, fabric filler and rice are commonly used to stuff a craft project. However, have you ever thought about using plastic bags to stuff your craft items and throw pillows? Since you have ample plastic bags available, you really won’t have to worry about running out. And, you are recycling too!

Treat Dry Hands

An effective way of treating scaly and dry hands is by rubbing petroleum jelly on them, and placing your hands in a plastic bag. Your hand will become supple in around 15 minutes due to the warmth of your body and the jelly.