Different Uses of Plastic Bags: Keeping Things Clean

Keeping Things Clean

Line the Litter Box

Why change your cat’s litter box when you can make the job quick and easy? Use an open plastic bag to line the box and then pour in the litter. Next time around, you will only need to remove the bags and throw them in the trash instead of changing the litter box.

Protect Hands When Cleaning the Toilet

Whenever you are cleaning your toilet with brushes or short tools, don’t forget to protect your hands from germs. This can easily be done by wrapping your hand in a plastic bag, which will allow you to properly scrub your toilet without getting your hands dirty in the process.

Keep Polish off Your Hand

So, you want to thoroughly polish your sandals. However, it is likely you will get more polish on your hands and lesser on your shoes. Therefore, grab a plastic bag and wrap it on your hand before polishing. This way, your hand will remain protected when the polish runs off the straps of the sandals.