Effect on Marine Life

So, it is likely you might have heard about the most convincing argument against the use of plastic bags. And that is its effect on sea life. It has been said repeatedly that several maritime creatures consume plastic bags, mistaking them for food, due to which 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals die annually.

However, this is nothing more than just a myth, which originated from a 2002 study about plastic bags that was commissioned by the government of Australia. The authors of the report misquoted a Canadian study that was published 15 years earlier, in 1987. The vast number of marine animal deaths cited was actually caused due to fishing nets and lines.

As you can see, plastic bags aren’t really that disadvantageous. All you need to do is recycle them carefully. We will be discussing a lot more about this in depth later on. Until then, let’s move on to the next chapter where we will be highlighting the different uses of plastic bags. There are a lot more uses than you might know, but we will mention as many as possible to give you a better idea.