Coreless Bags on Rolls

Coreless bags on rolls are poly bags with a bottom seal which is wound onto itself, without the aid of a paper or cardboard core. Therefore, once the roll is finished, there is no wasted packaging to dispose of.

  • Watertight applications, box or drum liners
  • Food storage and sanitary containment
  • Nuts, bolts and other hardware containment
  • Pharmaceutical storage
  • Automotive industry parts storage

We manufacture our bags right here in New Jersey to meet your size specifications as well as by using your chosen material. We can make bags in linear low density poly materials (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a blend of the two, and reprocessed materials. In addition, if being used for food storage or containment, we can provide FDA approved materials to meet industry safety standards.

In addition to coreless bags on rolls, we can also manufacture poly bags, side seal, double bottom seal and bottom seal with perforations. Depending on your requirements, we can customize a poly roll to meet your unique needs. If you have any questions about our poly products, contact us for more information.

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