Poly Bags with Lip

Poly Bags with Lip

One side of the bag is longer than the other, which allows the bags to be opened more easily. Bags can be made either printed or plain and the poly bag film can be produced in color.

Other options with a poly bags with a lip include choosing permanent tape closure (also know as permanent adhesive tape). This allows the end user to close the bag securely. This is also known as a security bag or a mailer bag.

You can also choose a reclosable tape seal. This is ideal for applications where multiple bag opening and closing is necessary. Bags can also simply be closed with an heat sealer or impulse sealer.

Bags with a lip can also have hang holes, staple packs, be a wicket pack, etc.

Custom poly bags poly bags with a lip may also be known as or include:

  • Wicket Bags
  • Security Bags
  • Mailer Bags
  • Co-ex Mailer Bags
  • Bags With Lip And Tape
  • Bank Bags
  • Evidence Bags
  • Bags With Sequential Numbering And Bar Coding
  • Printed Bags With Lip
  • Bread Bags
  • Deposit Bags
  • Cash Bags
  • Tamper Evident Bags
  • Bank Deposit Bags
  • Bank Coin Bags
  • Night Deposit Bags
  • Tamper Proof Bags
  • Plastic Money Bags
  • Tamper Evident Bag
  • Bank Money Bag
  • Zippered Bank Bags
  • Bank Deposit Bag
  • Plastic Deposit Bags
  • Plastic Bank Bags
  • Currency Bag
  • Night Deposit Bag

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