Side Weld Poly Bags

Side Weld Poly Bags

Side Weld poly bags are light to medium duty poly bags.  The bag only has one opening.  The seal is located down the length on both sides of the poly bag.  The bottom of this style bag is seamless.

Side Weld poly bags are designed to be used in applications that require medium to light duty performing bags.  They are also recommended for mailer bags, security tape bags, or any other bag requiring an uneven opening.  These bags cannot be used for very heavy gauge bags (more than .0045).


  • Medical Device Bags
  • Parts Bags
  • Mailer Bags
  • Bags with Lip and Tape
  • Wicket Bags
  • Thumb notch Bags
  • Back flip Bags
  • Header Bags
  • Bags with a tear off receipt
  • Perforated Poly Bags
  • Bottom Gusset Bags
  • Bags with a pouch

Benefits of using a side weld poly bag

  • Generally less expensive than bottom seal bags
  • Bag opening can have a lip or backflip
  • No seam on bag bottom
  • Bag can have a bottom gusset
  • Bag punches, holes, hang holes, thumb notches are easily applied

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