Zipper Style Reclosable Plastic Bags

Reclosable Bags (Zipper Bags) are resealed at the top by squeezing the interlocking zipper together.

Zipper styles are the perfect choice for applications where the ability to open and reseal the plastic bag is important. Packaging of many small parts that are used one at a time, or when the packaged object is meant to be stored in its protective plastic bag when not in use. They can be custom made to your size specifications, produced with your choice of high-quality material and printing options.

Applications include the packaging of small parts, booklets, pens, textiles, holiday decorations, sports equipment, medical devices, and extensively in food service.

Item # Dimensions Case Gauge Bag Type
1.5×2-1/M-.002-2 1.5 x 2 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
2×2-1/M-.002-2 2 x 2 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
2×3-1/M-.002-2 2 x 3 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
2×8-1/M-.002-2 2 x 8 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
3×3-1/M-.002-2 3 x 3 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
3×4-1/M-.002-2 3 x 4 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
3×5-1/M-.002-2 3 x 5 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
3×6-1/M-.002-2 3 x 6 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
3×10-1/M-.002-2 3 x 10 1/M .002 2 Mil Clear
3×8-1/M-.004-2 3 x 8 1/M .004 2 Mil Hang Hole

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