Poly Tubing and Roll Stock

Layflat tubing, also known as ‘Poly-tubing’ is a flexible, continuous roll of polyethylene sleeving open at one end and rolled up at other; either on plastic or cardboard core, enabling user to determine length of the bag for each item.

Economical & easiest way to package or enclose objects of same width but various lengths. Ideal for packaging odd shaped, long or ‘difficult to wrap’ items. Insert into tubing and cut to required length then heat seal both ends. Simply insert your product into the tubing, cut to required length and heat seal, staple or tape one or both ends to create made-to-measure bags.

Alternatively, tubing can also be perforated at specific intervals, without seals. This perforated tubing is referred to as sleeves. They can be custom made to your size specifications, produced with your choice of high-quality material and printing options.

“U” Sheet  Print
“J” Sheet : Short Side Out  J-Sheet--Short-Side-Out
“J” Sheet : Long Side Out  Print
“A” Wind : Open Edge Folded  Print
“A” Wind: Folded Edge Open  Print
“B” Wind Folded Edge Open  Print
“B” Wind Open Edge Folded  Print

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