15 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are used in so many different places in this world, and there are a number of reasons for their popularity. Not only are the bags very inexpensive to purchase, the bags are also versatile, easy to create and have a variety of methods in which they can be used. Here we will take a look at some of the not-so-traditional methods of using plastic bags. With these tips and ideas, you will get even more out of this popular type of bag.
1.    Use plastic bags as liners for trash cans. They work amazingly in small bathroom trash cans, those in offices and more.
2.    Need to take lunch to work? Place it inside of an airtight container and a plastic bag and you’re set to go.
3.    Plastic bags work wonderfully for packing items for shipping. A few plastic bags and the work is done –and you’ve saved a ton of cash!
4.    Of course, if you cannot think of any other use for plastic bags, recycle them. Many stores offer recycling bins in the front of their stores where your bags can be placed for recycling, making things easier in the long run.
5.    Christmas time is just around the corner, but once the holidays are over, storing the lights and other decorations can be a hassle. Luckily plastic bags come in handy to make storage easy, so put them to good use!
6.     Going to the swimming pool or the lake? Why not take a plastic bag along with you and place wet clothing and items inside?
7.    Dirty, stinky diapers are less smelly when they are placed inside of a plastic bag, tied up and then disposed of.
8.    Toys, such as LEGOs, can easily be stored in a plastic bag. Kids can handle them easily, and there is less risk of losing pieces.
9.    If you are creative, plastic bags can easily become a great hair accessory, piece of jewelry or something else. Let those creative juices flow!
10.    Plastic bags come in handy when used in the garden. You can use them to separate weeds, for mulch and more.
11.    Many businesses need plastic bags, so gather them up and make a donation that will greatly help.
12.     Plastic bags can be used to store many different items, so put them to good use.
13.     Put a plastic bag in your car’s glove compartment to use for emergency situations as they arise.
14.    Decorations for various holidays can be created with the use of plastic bags. This is another opportunity to put your creativity to good use! Halloween ghosts are especially fun and easy to create with the bags.
15.    Plastic bags can also be used in the kitchen. Use them for flour for coating, to separate foods and more.
How will you put your plastic bags to good use? These are just 15 of the fun and creative ways that you can do just that.