Best Uses for Vented Bags

Vented bags are used for a variety of different products ranging from simple produce items all the way to mattress bags. Specifically, these bags are designed to let oxygen in and allow moisture out. Most will be familiar with this style of packaging if they’ve ever purchased a bag of grapes from the produce store. There are several variations of materials that can be used for vented bags, and the perforations themselves can be customized as well for the perfect solution to your packaging needs.

As with most of our products, vented bags can be designed to specifically fit your product’s needs. These bags can come in specific dimensions as individual bags or come on a continuous roll with each bag separated by a perforated section on the roll. Colors and logos can be customized to display your company’s information prominently on the packaging and to make them stand out among the rest.

A few styles of vented bags you may already be familiar with are as follows:

Produce bags – as above mentioned, grapes are a popular produce that use this style of packaging to allow the right amount of moisture in and out. However, they can also be used for any vegetable or fruit packaging not limited to grapes.

Potato bags – vented potato bags are widely used among produce stores to prolong the freshness of the potatoes. These are made of strong and flexible low density polyethylene and can typically hold up to 5 pounds of potatoes.

A lot of these bags typically come as bottom sealed bags for extra strength to allow for the most produce to be carried safely, but they can be adjusted to fit a separate style that fits your particular product’s needs. At Rutan Poly, we’ve spent over the last half a decade perfecting our methods of creating the perfect bag solutions for our partners. We take pride in giving our partners the best customer service they can find, and we look forward to working with you to come up with the best product for your company.