Custom Compost and Mulch Bags

From California to Maine, life right now looks pretty different. Regardless of the state you and your clients live in, you’re all most likely spending much more time at home. That time doesn’t have to be spent indoors; in fact, being at home now provides you the time you’ve been longing for to get those… Read more »

Your Made In America Custom Films & Poly Bags

Now more than ever it is important to shop and purchase locally here in the United States. With the current climate in the economy due to the unprecedented existence of COVID-19, supporting locally owned business is just one way to ensure that the economy continues to grow and to show that your company cares about… Read more »

Specialty Bags Offered By Rutan Poly

Now people are at home more than ever, and with the surge in online shopping and shipping you’ll want to make sure your clients get their products in pristine condition. You’ll also want to make sure that your package clearly says who you are, what you do, and what you value. Saying these things doesn’t… Read more »

Rutan Poly Polyethylene Products – Proudly Produced in America

At Rutan Poly, we’ve been proud to deliver a quality product to our clients for over the last 50 years. We’ve grown in our methods, in our staff, and in our client base, and we’ve been happy to be able to customize solutions for different industries that help those industries flourish. Something we’ve been proud… Read more »

The Manufacturing Process of Making Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a part of our every day. From grocery shopping to receiving packaged shipments most of us are no stranger to using them. But what exactly goes into the process of creating all the different types of plastic bags for every application. Manufacturing a plastic bag has more involved than you might think…. Read more »

4 Benefits of Using Custom Plastic Bags

An easy trap to fall into as a business is to think that if something is good enough, then it’s good enough. When it comes to plastic bags, this is no different. Many people think that as long as it serves its purpose, then why elaborate or change anything about it? A plastic bag is… Read more »

Customizing Pinhole Bags

At Rutan Poly, we’ve been in the polyethylene business for over half a century and we’ve learned that the best way to maintain a great relationship with our partners is to focus on meeting our partners’ specific needs. One product that we’ve perfected is our line of pinhole bags that have a variety of uses… Read more »

Best Uses for Vented Bags

Vented bags are used for a variety of different products ranging from simple produce items all the way to mattress bags. Specifically, these bags are designed to let oxygen in and allow moisture out. Most will be familiar with this style of packaging if they’ve ever purchased a bag of grapes from the produce store…. Read more »

7 Common Uses for Bottom Seal Bags

Bottom seal bags are no strangers to Rutan Poly. We’ve been helping our partners with their packaging needs for over 50 years, and bottom seal bags are just one of the things we specialize in when it comes to delivering custom solutions. Utilized in all sorts of industries, these bags are identifiable by their one… Read more »

Packaging Food Products in Poly Bags

When it comes to packaging food, you want to make sure you have a poly bag that both protects and displays your product in a professional and attractive way. With Rutan Poly, we know how important it is to take care of the product inside of the poly bag, and that’s why we take pride… Read more »