Business Benefits for Using Custom Poly Bags at Trade Shows

Is your company gearing up for the spring onslaught of trade shows? Are you trying to find a unique way to stand out from the crowd, and spending hours looking at various companies’ previous trade show work to see who could bring on board to help you achieve this? Have you thought about purchasing a custom poly bag? Custom poly bags are a fantastic way to spread brand awareness throughout the crowded trade show floor.

Every year the U.S. hosts over 10,000 trade shows. At each show, hundreds of vendors attempt to network, market, and create strong business relations. Bringing a valuable and useful branded item can give you a competitive edge over the other trade show attendees. A custom poly bag that can hold small giveaways is the perfect trade show marketing solution.

Designing a Custom Poly Bag
Did you know that there are an unlimited amount of customizable options for poly bags? From color to logo to size, we can help to create the perfect bag. Here are a few design factors that can help transform your bag into a brilliant marketing device:

  • Display your business name, address, and official logo.
  • Add an easy to remember slogan.
  • Use bold writing that can be seen from farther away.
  • Business colors should be used for the color of the bag.
  • Add handles to the bag to improve carrying capacity.

Top 5 Marketing Benefits
While using a custom poly bag for your next trade show has a number of benefits, we’ve managed to narrow the list down to the top five.

  1. Promote a positive and vivid image of your business.
  2. Improve customer loyalty and goodwill by delivering a bag that is both beautiful and reusable.
  3. Create a new advertising opportunity outside of the trade show.
  4. Improve brand memorability.
  5. Encourage customers to reuse the bags through the use of recycled plastic.

Taking the Custom Poly Bag to the Trade Show and Beyond

Custom poly bags aren’t just for trade show floors. They are an Return on Investment (ROI) enhancing marketing tool that can be used in multiple industries, including the retail sector. When given to your employees as a marketing tool, the custom poly bag can transform into a cross-promotional tool. For example, your employees can use a large custom poly bag that is branded with your company information when they are out shopping, visiting family, heading to the gym, or lugging items to and from the office. The more places that the bag is seen, the easier it is to create brand awareness.

If you are in the retail sector, you can do a little more to advance your business by getting display supplies for your store branding that can help in attracting more customers. One of the ways can be using digital signage. It refers to the use of LED screens for displaying your content, your brand message, or showing the essential products you deal in. In case you are wondering how to get through doing it, you might want to look at or similar other platforms. Interestingly, these companies also display music videos, lifestyle channels, movie trailers, etc, to keep shoppers of varied interests engaged.
Small scale businesses, however, whose budgets do not allow them to switch to digital forms of advertising, can stick to marketing through custom poly bags. It can easily transform from a trade show giveaway to a reusable shopping bag. Add your business name and local contact information to create a persuasive, useful, and space-efficient marketing tool. The beauty of the custom poly bag is that it can be used just about anywhere. From the grocery store to shopping in a department store, your custom poly bag can easily become a walking advertisement for your business.

Whether you are interested in creating a custom poly shopping bag or had smaller uses in mind, here are a few additional ways that you can use your branded marketing solution.

  • Store company products, including: marketing pamphlets, small give-away prizes, and office supplies.
  • Send gift baskets with customized poly bag packaging to loyal customers.
  • Use for food products, including: ice, hoagies, pasta, popcorn, bread, candy, dry goods, and liquid items.
  • Design company branded bags for use in the lawn and garden industry. Custom poly bags can even be created for mulch bags.
  • Enhanced design for industrial use, including: nuts, bolts, and other small industrial parts storage.
  • Create retail packaging.

When it comes to creating a customized poly bag, the marketing results are endless. We invite you to contact us today for additional information on creating a custom poly bag for your next trade show or for daily customer use.