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Plastic Bags vs. Paper Bags: Which is better?

So, you are aware of the numerous benefits plastic bags bring, but every time when you wrap up your grocery shopping and get in line for checkout, you find it somewhat difficult to choose between paper and plastic bags. The thought of convenience pulls you towards plastic, but you may automatically go for the option… Read more »

The Benefits of Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Custom printed plastic bags are another option available to businesses. However, unlike other plastic bag types, they come as a unique marketing tool. As the name shows, custom printed plastic bags are customizable, which means they can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company. The contact information and logo of the company… Read more »

Tips to Choose the Right Plastic Bag

As you can see, there are various versions of plastic bags available out there. Now, that you have familiarized yourself with each of them, here are some tips that will help you choose the right plastic bag, which will suit your needs: Purpose One of the most important considerations when choosing plastic bags is its… Read more »

More Common Plastic Bag Styles

Mailer/Security Bags Mailing and security bags are designed to protect items while they are being delivered. These plastic bags are lightweight, water resistant, and save you money on postage. This is because of the added protection and lower cost. There are several types of mailing bags available for different applications, some of which include: Security… Read more »

Common Plastic Bag Styles

So, these are some of the most common types of plastic bag, their features, and uses. Now, let’s move further and discuss the main plastic bag styles. Bottom Gusset Bags These bags fold at the bottom, which allows them to expand into a nice rectangular shape. Bottom gusset bags can be produced in a variety… Read more »

Different Types of Plastic Bags

Given the number of choices available, choosing the right plastic bag can be a somewhat tricky task. That’s mainly because plastic bags are made from different materials and each of these materials offers users specific characteristics. They also come in various mixed shapes and colors. There are so many versions of plastic bags out there,… Read more »

How Are Plastic Bags Made?

Have you ever wondered how plastic bags that we heavily rely on are made? Well, as ordinary as they seem, plastic bag manufacturing is quite a complicated process that involves numerous stages. Though the manufacturing process of plastic bags may vary from company to company, it usually includes several main steps. In the following paragraphs,… Read more »

Different Uses of Plastic Bags: On the Move

On the Move Pack Your Shoes When you are traveling abroad, shoes for all types of occasions need to be packed. However, it can also get things dirty in your suitcase. So, get a few plastic bags, and wrap each pair into them. This way, not only will you be able to pack complete pairs,… Read more »

Different Uses of Plastic Bags: In the Yard

In the Yard Store Outdoor Equipment Manuals Your lawnmower is giving you problems. Now, what you do? Take a look at the owner’s manual of course. So, whatever outdoor equipment you are using, stash their warranties and owner’s manuals in a plastic bag. Once you do, keep it somewhere easy to reach in your garage…. Read more »

Different Uses of Plastic Bags: Around the House

Around the House Keeping Mattresses Dry Is bed-wetting a common problem in your house? Then no need to buy costly mattress guards! Instead, take a few unused plastic garbage bags, and line the mattress with them. Stuff Pillows or Craft Items like plastic beads, beans, fabric filler and rice are commonly used to stuff a… Read more »