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Advantages of Plastic Bags for Consumers

Just like retailers have found plastic bags a much better option than reusable or paper bags, so have consumers. A survey by the US Environmental Protection Agency indicates more than 100 billion plastic bags are used by Americans annually while only 10 billion paper bags were used according to the estimates of the American Forest… Read more »

Advantages of Plastic Bags for Retailers

Plastic bags have been favored by retailers for as long as they have been available. That is mainly because they are convenient to store, cost-effective and easy-to-use. In bulk purchases, plastic bags can be bought at a cent a piece. On the contrary, paper bags usually cost 5 cents or even more, while reusable cloth… Read more »

What are Plastic Bags?

When you go shopping at a supermarket to purchase your groceries or kid’s birthday present, do you get a bag for the packaging of your items? Yes, you do! And it is likely that every time it would be a plastic bag. So, what are plastic bags made of? Well, there are several types of… Read more »

The History of Plastic Bags

Patent applications that are relevant to the manufacturing of plastic bags date back to the early 1950s. However, these bags were used in industrial processes, particularly for composite construction. The modern-day shopping bag we all know and use today was invented in the early 1960s by Sten Gustaf Thulin, who was a Swedish engineer. He… Read more »

Inside California’s Plastic Bag Ban: What You Need to Know

Plastic bags are a cost effective, durable solution for the storage needs of both consumers and businesses in a wide range of different industries. Even if you don’t operate in the state of California, it is likely that you’ve heard of the recently passed bill that will ban the use of plastic bags in grocery… Read more »

The Poly Bag and Your Environment: Why Plastic Bags Help More than You Think

The modern, poly plastic bag isn’t just reusable—it’s multi-usable. Chances are, if you’ve used a poly bag for shopping, storage or other options, you’ve noticed the material’s astounding strength. Poly bags, while multifaceted, are also multi-skilled, and for several reasons. Poly Bags are Recycled, and Recycled Plastic Aids the Environment Sure, it’s a cliché claim—but… Read more »

Plastics Benefit Us All, but Responsible Use and Disposal Is Vital

There is no doubt that plastics have changed the world. Disposable plastic grocery bags were introduced in 1977, and they have become the standard throughout the country, even though there is a trend in some areas against their use and toward reusable bags. Despite some sentiment to the contrary, however, the growing use of appropriate… Read more »

Business Benefits for Using Custom Poly Bags at Trade Shows

Is your company gearing up for the spring onslaught of trade shows? Are you trying to find a unique way to stand out from the crowd? Have you thought about purchasing a custom poly bag? Custom poly bags are a fantastic way to spread brand awareness throughout the crowded trade show floor. Every year the… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Plastic Bag

Plastic bags are used in stores and beyond. They are so easy to use, and the bags really make life easy when you need to carry or separate things, or even when you need a liner for a trash can. Plastic bags are available in tons of different colors and assorted shapes, making it easy… Read more »

Benefits of Using Plastic Bags

Whenever you make a trip to the supermarket, most of the time your groceries are placed inside of plastic bags for you to take home. Most of the bags have handles on them so they are easy to carry. Around 500 billion plastic bags are used on a yearly basis, and most of us use… Read more »