Common Uses of Lay Flat Plastic Tubing

Lay flat plastic tubing, otherwise known as lay flat polyethylene tubing, has many uses and is utilized by many companies. In fact, you’ve more than likely handled several times today that use this style of packaging. Distributed on rolls and in a large variation of sizes, lay flat plastic tubing has several uses that can benefit either the products you sell or the items you work with on a daily basis.

Using lay flat plastic tubing allows your company to create and customize bags that are a perfect fit for your products. Lay flat plastic tubing can be made to fit any shape and size product, it easily slides over and around your product, and can then be tied, stapled, taped, or even heat sealed to give your product that perfect look for your specific product.

Food Items

Polyethylene is food safe which means it can be utilized to transport, protect, and seal a variety of foods. The food industry typically uses this tubing as a safe and hygienic way to store meat and fish. In most cases, this packaging can also be used in freezers although you may have to use a style with an additive EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).


Not only can it be used to package items, but it can also be used to protect items. Lay flat plastic tubing can be heat shrunk onto wires, cables, and even mandrels which creates a shield around them protecting them from elements and contaminants. Polyethylene is water proof, dust proof, and flexible/tear resistant (especially in heavy grade tubing) so it can be used in shipping large items as well as the protection of things like furniture during moves or renovations. Lay flat plastic tubing is also largely used in preventing ink build-up and residue in items such as laser printers, copiers, and fax machines. Similarly, it is used for the same purposes with different rollers (pressure, hot, primary charge, and fuser).

Ducting (Temporary)

In the manufacturing and construction industry, lay flat plastic tubing is largely used as a way to control air flow for either a temporary or substantial amount of time. It is used for ventilation or as means of getting hot or cold air to another area on site. In emergencies, it can also be used as a way of getting rid of excess water, i.e. gutters, channels, etc., for a short period of time.

Lay flat plastic tubing is an extremely economical and easy way to address a multitude of needs. As you can see, you aren’t limited to using lay flat plastic tubing in one specific way or another. Lay flat tubing can be a cost effective, time saving material that will help you get the job done, whatever it may be.

If you need, our tubing can even be customized however you’d like. We can create packaging in different colors, styles, constructions and logo placement. Let us help you create the perfect experience when utilizing our lay flat plastic tubing.