Custom Compost and Mulch Bags

From California to Maine, life right now looks pretty different. Regardless of the state you and your clients live in, you’re all most likely spending much more time at home. That time doesn’t have to be spent indoors; in fact, being at home now provides you the time you’ve been longing for to get those yard projects completed. On the other hand, if your business specializes in landscaping, this is also a time where many people realize just how daunting their yard can be and your business may be busier than it has in some time. Whatever your situation, Rutan Poly wants to help your yards look their best by providing you a compost and mulch bag that gets the job done right the first time.

You know how heavy these bags can be – up to 50 pounds! – so Rutan Poly has developed a method of creating these bags so they can withstand the weight and potential puncture risks they run into. We use a unique blend of  material to create a flexible, high tear resistant bag that reduces the amount of spills and messes that come with moving, stacking, and packing compost and mulch bags. Using this material ensures that whether you are adding mulch or compost to your landscape, or getting rid of excess, your bag will withstand the rigors of yard work.

In addition to creating a high quality bag that will get your job done and done right, Rutan Poly has developed methods of customizing your compost and mulch bags that do not take away from the functionality of the bags. Your clients will appreciate the quality of the bag, and to help them remember your name Rutan Poly can print your customized mulch bags with your logos, colors, and slogans prominently placed on the package. Colors, fonts, and sizes can all be customized to fit your design desires and Rutan Poly is looking forward to helping you deliver a quality product in a quality package that stands out among the rest.

At Rutan Poly we’ve been creating customized poly bags for our clients for over half a decade, and we’ve loved every second of it. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and we’ve especially learned that in addition to a quality product our clients are looking for a partner that cares about them first and foremost. We care about our partners and we look forward to working with you soon to help you come up with the perfect custom compost and mulch bag!