Custom Plastic Bag Options

At Rutan Poly, we’ve come a long way since starting a business on our very own kitchen table. After working in this industry for over 50 years, we’ve developed new and efficient methods for creating the best poly bags in the industry that fit our customers’ specific needs. Through that time we’ve learned that each business we partner with is unique, and this means each product we create has to be just as unique. It is with that in mind that we’ve made it a priority to work with you on making a custom plastic bag that both fits your product and helps you stand out from the others.

First and foremost, we specialize in all styles of bags. We offer bottom seal bags, zipper style bags, pin hole bags, vented poly bags, tropical fish bags, compost bags, mulch bags, and many more. Several styles of bags we offer are also FDA approved which means your product is safe from any potential unwanted chemicals. Whatever your product is, we can help you choose the right style and fit for your product.

Along with styles, we aren’t limited by the size of your product. Our ingenuity in our processes allow us to create a perfect bag for your product that won’t be too small or too large, too wide or too narrow. We can also incorporate our different seal style bags to have larger or smaller sealed areas specific to your product. Bottom seal bags, side gusset bags, side weld bags, and even water tight seal bags can all be designed and produced in a size specific to your product and your needs.

For many of our bags, we can also customize the color to make your bag fit the message, style, or need of your product. Customizing the color can make your product stand out from the rest with it comes to things like grocery bags, drawstring bags, and even retail store product bags. Along with the color of your bags, we can customize the print on the bag to display your logo and any additional text you’d like displayed on your poly bag. Color, size, font, and symbols can all be formatted and displayed prominently on your product to make sure people recognize your company.

Customization is something you may not have considered in the past, but customizing can be a helpful way to get your product noticed and make it stand out from others in your industry. Contact us today so our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can help you come up with a custom plastic bag option that best fits your needs and helps further your vision.