Custom Poly Bags for Your Brand

Most branding experts would agree that your brand should stand out, and not follow the crowd. With the exception of a few value conscious brands, the majority of products are sold because there is something unique or different about them. Think about the innovation of Apple products, the reliability of Toyota, the magic of Disney, or the durability of Red Wing Boots. All of these brands have a unique property woven into their brand, something to set them apart from competitors, and a reason for a consumer to make the purchase. With all of the effort and equity used to build and protect a brand, would anyone really want generic packaging for their brand?

At Rutan, we take pride in creating custom packaging solutions that are as unique as your brand itself. We work with you to bring your design to life in a custom poly bag that meet your exact specifications and brand image. Rutan has produced millions of  custom poly bags for nearly every type of industry and product. Our company isn’t only an excellent manufacturer of poly bags; we also have the skills and experience to take your customized designs and showcase them on your flexible packaging needs. Custom designs and excellent service, without sacrificing quality, is what separates Rutan from the competition.

Rutan has many custom poly bag options to choose from including:

  • Printed bags
    • Colored bags
    • Freezer bags
    • Mailer bags
    • Anti-static bags
    • Shrink bags
    • Bubble bags
    • Flip tops
    • And so much more

For each one of our bags we can customize the printing, colors, bag styles, bag constructions, logo placement, and so much more. We won’t be satisfied until you find the ideal packaging solution. If our expansive selection of bags won’t fit your product and brand, then we will work with you to design the perfect custom poly bag completely from scratch.

When a customer picks up your product, the first thing they are going to come into contact with is your packaging. The quality that your films and bags are made of could indicate to the consumer the quality of your product and even your company. We know how important protecting and building a brand is; that’s why Rutan only uses the best prime materials available. Our range of high-quality specialty bags are durable and built to perform. Our commitment to premium materials has built tremendous trust with our customer base and we intend to protect this trust as a core differentiation of our own brand! The bottom line is, you can count on Rutan.

We take pride in our highly-trained professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and refined processes to develop some of the finest flexible packaging available in the market. We offer unmatched quality at competitive prices, a combination that is hard to find from a U.S. manufacturer. If you’re looking for a partner to help your company navigate your options for customizable poly bags, look no further than Rutan. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions and find the perfect solution for your custom poly bag needs, just give us a call today at 800-872-1474.