Different Uses of Plastic Bags: In the Yard

In the Yard

Store Outdoor Equipment Manuals

Your lawnmower is giving you problems. Now, what you do? Take a look at the owner’s manual of course. So, whatever outdoor equipment you are using, stash their warranties and owner’s manuals in a plastic bag. Once you do, keep it somewhere easy to reach in your garage. You will know where to look for help the next time.

Clean a Grill

After a barbeque, the grill can become quite a sorry mess! And cleaning it is even harder. Therefore, place the racks in a garbage bag, spray cleaner on the grill, and firmly shut the bag. After a day, open up the bag, while you protect yourself from the fumes. All the junk that is burned-on should wipe right off.

Protect Fruits on the Tree

Are their some plums or apples in your orchard that require more time on the tree? Get a plastic bag and slip the fruit into it while still on the tree. This will protect your fruit from critters until they have finally ripened.