Different Uses of Plastic Bags: On the Move

On the Move

Pack Your Shoes

When you are traveling abroad, shoes for all types of occasions need to be packed. However, it can also get things dirty in your suitcase. So, get a few plastic bags, and wrap each pair into them. This way, not only will you be able to pack complete pairs, but you will also manage to keep the dirt of your clothes!

Protect Your Hand While Pumping Gas

Depending on the amount of gas you want to put in your tank, it can take around 5 minutes to be in and out of the gas station. However, that is more than enough for people to contract germs from the handle. Therefore, use the plastic bags you have in your car, and wrap it around your hands while you pump.

Protect Yourself in the Rain

It’s time for your early morning jog, but there’s light rain, which can get you wet. So, get a large, unused plastic bag, slash a hole in the top, and wear it to protect yourself in the rain while you jog.

As you can see, not only do plastic bags have hundreds of applications, but they can also be reused in different ways several times. Such is the power of plastic bags. So, don’t just throw them, bag them!