Header Poly Bags and Applications

Header poly bags are used in many applications, such as for items that need to be displayed and hung on a peg board. They are made with a separate, detached plastic area at the top, making them great for storing auto parts, hardware, pool supplies and a whole lot more. Plus, the reinforced areas at the top make it much easier to carry the product thanks to a reinforced handle.

Header poly bags are sealed in such a way as to keep the contents of the bag away from the hanging area. With this added strength for heavier items, your product won’t fall off your peg board or slip from your grasp. Bag thickness is usually heavier than other types of bags, made for rugged handling and to contain heavier contents.

Even better, these bags feature a separate area at the top where you can display your company’s logo or custom image, resulting in a flatter, smoother surface to highlight your brand. The header contains a hole for displaying the bag vertically, or you can opt to add a reinforced header if you have a particularly large or heavy product.

The high-clarity film used in header poly bags makes them ideal for retail applications, such as at a convenience store near the register or within a grocery store in the candy aisle, for instance. Plus, the bags’ excellent seal strength goes a long way toward protecting the product.

Key Takeaways

Header poly bags:

  • Are made of low-density polyethylene
  • Are great for bulky packaging tasks
  • Are packaged with a convenient header with perforations for easy tear-off
  • Are easy to fill and seal
  • Can be used with stands, custom tables, or wall mounts
  • Meet FDA/USDA standards for food-service applications
  • Can be side sealed and packed in a quantity of your choosing
  • Can be printed with custom imaging or company logos, instructions, directions, etc.

Best part is, these bags can be used in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, business, and food service. For example, in industrial applications, you can use header poly bags for storing and transporting items such as small car parts, decorative items, toys, and accessories. By hanging these bags on a wall or board, you can free up space on your work station or counter top. The convenience and space-saving features afforded by header poly bags makes them a great all-around choice for any application.

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