Is There a Solution?

The solution is to handle their waste and RECYCLE, so that plastic bags do not end up in landfills, oceans, or flying around. Both paper and plastic bags hardly degrade in nature and can take years to decompose, which is why recycling becomes an essential criterion for their use.

Most types of plastic bags can be recycled, some to create new plastic bags, while some are used materials for the manufacturing of other products. However, make sure the bags are dry, clean, and empty when you deposit them for recycling.

Plastic bags that can be recycled including newspaper bags, dry cleaner bags, food storage baggies and most of the plastic packaging used for electronics and furniture as well as household and food items.

On the other hand, certain pre-packaged food bags, cling wraps, heavily painted plastic bags, and ones treated with adhesive materials are difficult to recycle. So, ask your plastic recycling company, before using them.