Manufacturing Custom Polyethylene Film for Packaging and Packing

Polyethylene or plastic film for packaging and packing has a variety of uses – it can be used as an airtight seal or as a cushioning agent. It is ideal for packaging any item that should be self-contained or protected.

Plastic film is made by melting plastic pellets and extruding the molten poly into a film. A poly film can be custom manufactured to any specifications such as thickness, width, and colours. And while poly film can be a great packaging option for brands seeking affordable solutions, it might not be the best choice for brands seeking sustainable packaging options, such as those offered by Impacked Packaging (click here to visit Impacked Packaging).

Films are made for a variety of uses depending on the packaging goal. Some film is converted into bags, while other film is used for packaging material. Here are some examples of the different ways poly films are made.

Single Wound Sheeting (SWS) also known as Flat Film is a lay flat polyethylene tubing slit on both sides, creating 2 sheets on top of each other and wound separately.  This film has a wide range of applications designed for use with machine fed packaging.

Centerfold film is a film that is folded in half, and when closed resembles a C. Used to provide sealing in manual and automated shrink wrapping processes.

Gusseted Tubing has a pleat on each side that allows it to accommodate very large or bulky items. The expanding nature of the design allows for different sized items to be packaged with the same roll of material.

Printed Roll Stock can be printed in any color for use in automated packaging or form fill packaging Printed roll stock will give your finished product a quality look and feel.

Custom made films are tested for durability and strength in several ways. Here are some common tests we perform on our films.

  1. Tear Strength
  2. Impact strength
  3. Coefficient of Friction

Today plastic film is used in piping, clothing, toys, electronics and, packaging. Plastic film usage is common in manufacturing and as a household item.

Plastic film offers users great flexibility (no pun intended) in packaging with the ability to customize it to your specifications. That is why plastic film is so common.