How are Plastic Bags Made?

We use a lot of plastic bags in the world today. In fact, nearly 1 trillion of them are created every single year. Plastic bags can be found in many different places and have a versatile mix of uses, from carrying books to separating items to carrying groceries and all in between.

Plastic bags are popular for a number of reasons and can be customized for any company or product. Some are very cheap and can be used for so many different purposes. And, despite what many people think, plastic bags can also be recycled and reused a number of times.

Creating polyethylene bags can be a simple process, which is one of the reasons that they are so popular. Of course the process of creating the plastic bags is one that must be completed in a shop that has the right equipment, however, despite this fact, the bags are easy to make.

To create a plastic bag, the process is similar to the process for creating a book. Both are very easy to create, but the plastic bag is far easier to create than a book. A company must have special equipment to create the bag, however, there are just two steps required to make the bags.

The First Step

A process called extrusion is the first step in making a plastic bag. An extruder is used to heat the polyethylene plastic to a temperature of about 500 degrees F. This temperature will melt the pellets, at which time the molten plastic is pushed into the machine and a die that determines the thickness that the bag will have.   After this happens, the plastic film is pushed into a bubble by the outside air and through a cooling process. Next, the film is cut into the appropriate size and then placed onto a spindle.

The Second Step

Once the plastic bag is placed onto the spindle, it is sent to what is known as a conversion department. This team unwraps the film roll and cuts it with a heated knife that also seals each of the sides of the bags together. Once this is completed, the conversion also adds all of the special characters of the bag. Next, handles are cut out using a heat process, and logos, designs and text is added to the bag.

Creating Plastic bags

As you can see from the information above, creating plastic bags is a fairly simple and easy process that a company can do quickly and without a lot of trouble. Thousands of bags can be produced in only a minute of time, and since the process is so easy, it keeps the cost of the plastic bags down to an affordable price.

The Bottom Line

Plastic bags are very easy to create and they have so many different purposes that make them handy in our everyday lives. Now that you know how the bags are created you can feel so much better about using them! It is a process like none other.

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