Tips to Customize Your Packaging

Have you ever tried to shop for clothing for your significant other? It’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to know sizes, fit options, color schemes, styles, and so much more. It might not surprise you that people have personal taste in their clothing, but it may be surprising to know that brands have a unique look in mind to customize packaging. If you are looking to get the ideal look and function out of your next poly bag, Rutan Poly can help. Here are the top tips for custom poly packaging:

Go With the Right Look

There are actually countless ways to customize the features for your custom poly bags. From color to logo, to size; we can help to create the perfect bag for your industry and products. Here are a few design factors that can help transform your bag into a brilliant marketing device:

  • Display your business name, address, and official logo.
  • Create an easy to remember slogan.
  • Business colors should be used for the color of the bag.
  • Add handles to the bag to improve carrying capacity if appropriate.
  • Use a font that can be seen from further away.

Advertise Your Information

Along with an attention-grabbing font and color, you’ll want to include the contact details of your company, including your:

  • Company’s email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Address.
  • Social Media or Website.
  • Other important details.

So, whenever a customer buys your packaged items, you are actually advertising your brand by packaging them in your custom poly bags. There is something unique and personal about this type of advertising, and one thing is for certain: it’s effective.

Durable Custom Poly Bags

Customers trust your company’s bags to get their purchases safely home. As a result of this durability, you may find that your business can get some continued free advertising when they reuse these bags later on for other applications. The longer the bag lasts, the longer your logo is out there to be seen!

The Benefits of a Proper Design

Using a custom poly bag has a number of benefits, especially when the bag is designed by the experts at Rutan. Here are a few examples of what Rutan can do for you:

  • Create a positive and vivid image of your business.
  • Create a new advertising opportunity.
  • Improve brand memorability.
  • Improved customer loyalty and goodwill by delivering a bag that is both beautiful and reusable.

The marketing results are endless when it comes to creating a customized poly bag. We invite you to contact us today for additional information on creating a custom poly bag for your customer use.

Customize Your Poly Bag

At Rutan, our poly bags have been formed over five decades of experience in creating custom packaging solutions. As a result, we’ve developed our ability to customize the printing, colors, bag styles, bag constructions, and logo placement. When you buy custom poly bags from Rutan, you are getting more than just packaging. We will work with you and your company to find the ideal solution for your custom poly bag needs.