When to Use Non-Slip Bags

Today, the term “Swiss Army Knife” has become so popular that it is used to describe multifunctioning products in other industries as well. When a product does many things well, you might compare it to the Swiss invention because of it’s incredible utility. In the world of poly bags, you could make a strong argument that non-slip bags are the Swiss Army Knives of plastic packaging.

This is due to the fact that non-slip bags allow you to perform more than one function using the same physical product. Not only do non-slip bags perfectly contain the contents inside of the packaging, they also act as a packing solution allowing products to be easily stacked on top of each other.

What is a non- slip bag?

Non-slip plastic packaging is uniquely engineered to adhere to other packaging of the same kind. This makes non-slip bags perfect for stacking heavy bags of mulch, compost, or salt. If two non-slip bags are laid on each other their special outer surface bond is strong enough to hinder slippage off of a pallet or shelving system. It does not require any extra equipment or adhesives. All you need to do is simply stack bags on top of each other. In fact, non-slip bags still work when wet or overlaid with frost.

When should you use non-slip bags?

Non-slip bags are an excellent solution for both retail settings and for transportation of products. At a storefront, you may choose to display mulch or similar products using non-slip bags. All of your inventory can be easily stacked and available for customers to purchase without the use of extra adhesive equipment or straps.

When transporting products, non-slip bags give an extra layer of security for transportation on pallets. Even without stretch or shrink wrap, you can move pallets of non-slip bags with ease. Just image being able to significantly cut down on both waste and expenses without the need for shrink wrap.

Why should you buy non-slip bags from Rutan?

Rutan has grown from humble beginnings on a kitchen table into a reliable, mid-sized corporation through simple adherence to these basic principles:

• Honesty
• Integrity
• Customer Satisfaction

In the same way that non-slip bags adhere to each other, Rutan has maintained a strict adherence to these principles. It is a good business tactic, but we also feel that we have an obligation to treat our customers honestly and fairly.

If you’re looking for a manufacturer of quality non-slip bags, then look no further than Rutan. Contact our fast and friendly sales team today to find out what separates Rutan from other poly film and poly bag manufacturers. Call us today at 1- 800-872-1474.