Uses of Anti-Static Film and Bags

Static electricity can be an inconvenience. Whether you’re working with delicate electronics or volatile chemicals, static discharge can be one of the most costly and dangerous hazards to navigate.

Furthermore, a failure to adequately protect products and components from the risks of static discharge during transportation or storage can quickly rack up extensive losses and returns. Here are a few, common applications of anti-static poly film and bags you need to know:

Transportation and storage of electronics

The most common application of anti-static poly film and anti-static bags is, the packaging of electronics. Computer components and items of a similar nature can be easily damaged by an inopportune static discharge. This is bad for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the increased number of returns you’ll see. Consider also the impact upon your brand and customer experience; if people regularly receive damaged goods from your business, they’ll lose faith in you. Consider it a measure to maintain goodwill from your customers – and, potentially, an opportunity to brand, with custom packaging.

As part of a static-free environment

If you need to maintain a static-free environment, anti-static materials will play a critical role in moving items safely in and out of the environment. Whether you’re trying to avoid damage to delicate electronic devices, avoid corruption of research results, or keep a volatile environment safe, preventing static discharge from potentially charged items with anti-static bags is a sound policy. Anti-static poly film can be used when you require additional coverage of a new surface to maintain a static-free environment.

Anti-static film

While not as common as anti-static bags for packaging consumer goods, there are benefits to anti-static poly film. It’s more readily customized and can offer benefits in terms of space requirements and packaging unusual items more reliably or easily. Anti-Static Poly Film can be customized to your specifications.

Find out more about anti-static poly film and bags, its applications, and your options in anti-static packaging by contacting Rutan Poly today. We’ll help you figure out the ideal bag or film for your needs, budget, and goals.