When to Use Bottom Seal Bags for your Custom Plastic Bag Choice

Bottom seal poly bags are made from using flat tube material and applying a seam to one end of the material. Though bottom seal bags are similar to standard flat bags in function, they are manufactured differently. Standard flat bags contain “side seals” or “side welds”, a bottom seal bag is actually a section of tube that is sealed at the bottom and cut, the seal is located across the bottom width of the plastic and have a small “skirt” after the seal. This is one of the strongest seal types available and are best for heavy duty uses. In fact, they are designed specifically to be used for items that place higher stress on the seal or the side of the bags and are ideal for holding heavyweight materials.

This style of poly bag is recommended for leak resistant bag seals, box liners/covers, trash/garbage bags, hardware bags, mulch bags, and anything heavy duty. Some pharmaceutical applications and automotive applications also use bottom sealed custom poly bags.

A few examples of bottom sealed bags available:

  • Box/Drum Liners
  • Hardware bags (nuts, bolts, fasteners, some tool styles, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical poly bags
  • Leak/Watertight bags
  • Heavy duty poly bags

Bottom seal bags can be customized to fit specific needs for your industry. We can cut them to the dimensions and specifics you need while also customizing the color, printing, and density of the bags. During the printing process, we can customize your bag to be specific colors, taking into account what material yields the best results with each color. We can also have your logo printed on your bag with additional text information you may want to have displayed as well. They can be cut with or without side gussets, and can be made for seal and burst strength, clarity, cold temperatures or for use as a liner to protect against abrasion, dust, moisture, and anything else that could damage your product in packaging.

Rutan Poly has been creating poly bag solutions for their customers for over 50 years. Chances are we’ve partnered with people who have a product similar to yours already, and we would love the chance to come up with a solution for your industry. Contact us today so we can help you come up with the perfect poly bag for your business.