Choosing the Plastic Bag Manufacturers For Your Business

The very fact that you’re looking for a manufacturer instead of a distributor says you care a lot about your business. Dealing directly with the manufacturer will save you time, money, and. It also means that whatever your plastic bag needs are won’t be miscommunicated from distributor to manufacturer and the product you expect will be the product you get.

Rutan Poly, being in the plastic industry for over 50 years, is proud to be a manufacturer of all types of plastic bag solutions that make ordering, shipping, and packaging a breeze. Being in business so long, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating our bags for our partners. For instance, we only deal with high quality material guaranteed to meet your plastic needs; whether it’s FDA bags, fish bags, or a bag to package mulch in, we make sure it fits your specific needs.

Speaking of different types of bags, with Rutan Poly you can be sure you’re getting the exact bag you need for your product. We specialize in all kinds of bags that, as your company evolves and changes over time, we can evolve and change with you to make sure they continue to meet your needs. Customization can include things like the color of your bag to the fonts and logos you’d like printed on your bag to the size your product requires. We’re constantly examining our systems and solutions to make sure they meet your needs, as well as making sure we are up to date on all standards set forth by the FDA and any other regulation on plastic products.

While we recognize that there are other manufactures out there you could choose to work with, we believe what sets us apart is our industry leading customer service. Products can be similar across all types of industries, but we’ve found that listening to your needs, engaging with you with the purpose of taking your business farther, and caring for you if and when a potential issue arises sets us apart from others in the plastic bag industry. Our goal isn’t to simply have customers, but partners who can rely on us to help them be successful in their own goals and businesses, Honor goes a long way with us. Let us honor you today by helping you come up with a solution that will take your product to the next level!