Wicket Bags

If you are in need of wicket bags for your business, we offer a high-quality product guaranteed to bring ease and convenience to any application. Typically used for hand-loading, semi-automated, and automated packaging equipment, wicket bags are just one application for side weld poly bags, which feature a single opening.

Wicket bags are designed to give you a more effective plastic bag solution when it comes to packaging your products. Recover lost efficiency and add speed to your poly bag system: we help you increase your packaging speeds and efficiencies to save you time and money, not to mention a boost in profitability.

Wicket bags are essentially stacked plastic bags that have been neatly arranged on a wire wicket (hence the name of the bag), held in place with rubber washers and chipboard header. With a lip with starter or side notches that allow for easy tear-off, these bags open only on one side to reduce handling time and increase production rates.

Wicket Bag Customizations

We are all about making it easy on our customers to get what they want. You can opt for the following customizations:

  • Bottom gusset
  • Full or butterfly vents
  • Perforations
  • Color tint
  • Printing
  • Permanent or resealable tape for easy-close bags

Wicket bags not only improve your packing process, they eliminate the need to unpack bags one at a time, which can get very time consuming. As a result, loss of productivity can occur.

Used for both food and non-food purposes, these bags can be manufactured in a variety of widths and lengths. They’re also easy to close, with options including zipper closures, heat sealing or zip ties. Just let us know your requirements and we would be happy to come up with a solution.

Available for standard, printed or specialty uses, our wicket bags offer a durable option for all your poly bag needs. Rutan Poly is proud to be your trusted manufacturer of custom poly bags, an affordable, convenient and efficient choice for any business.

Ready to book your order? Please contact Rutan Poly today at 800-872-1474.

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