Water Tight Seal Bags

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a leaking bag? Sometimes the leak is obvious and it makes a mess immediately. Other times, the leak sets in slowly over time and you find out that your bag is not as water tight as you originally expected. With water-tight seal bags from Rutan, you’ll never run in to these issues. We take pride in providing top quality water tight bags for many industries and applications.

Water Tight Seal Poly Bags

Water tight seal bags from Rutan are some of our most durable bags. They remain strong and impermeable even when they are put to a tough test. After all, what good is a water proof bag if it is easily punctured or wears down over time? There is no doubt that these water tight seal bags will exceed your expectations in terms of quality. Regardless of your specifications and requirements, you can count on Rutan to create the type of water tight seal bags you need.

Water tight seal bags work just as well to keep items dry. These bags aren’t just able to keep water inside of the bag; they can also act as a protective barrier. If you need to protect contents from the elements, simply seal them inside a water tight bag from Rutan. This way, electronics and other devices that aren’t water-friendly can remain safe and dry even in the case of rain, spillage or accidents.

You can choose from a variety of different materials and designs for liquid tight seal bags that are produced according to your specifications. The commercial grade water tight seal bags are affordable with a variety of different features. Moreover, they are FDA-approved and can be reused and even frozen! Our clients have used these bags in countless applications to keep fruits, vegetables and even meats fresh for longer.

If you’re looking for a partner to help your company navigate your options for water tight seal poly bags, look no further than Rutan. Our customer service team is ready to answer your questions and find the perfect solution for your flexible packaging needs!

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