Poly Mailer Bags

In past years, the United States Postal Service has processed and delivered over 150 billion pieces of mail. Although they do the best they can, are you 100% positive that they are using care with each and every one of these pieces of mail? If you want to ensure that your package gets to its destination safely, you can play your part by using specialty-made poly mailer bags. We have designed these mailer bags to withstand the rigors of mailing and shipping. When a package is sent from one destination to another, it changes hands and vehicles many times. It also comes into contact with many surfaces that could cause a lesser bag to rip or break open.

Plastic Mailer Bags

At Rutan, we take pride in offering a product that is durable enough to withstand some of the toughest tests. Made of thicker material, they feature a very strong edge seal. Poly mailer bags can be custom printed to include your company name, logo, return mailing address, or potentially any other design.

It’s very important to ensure the mailer bags you are using are the most secure and highest quality you can get. Stocking your business with the right ones will ensure all mail pieces (letters and packages) reach their destination safely and efficiently. As such, specialty-made poly mailer bags are manufactured to withstand the rigors of shipping and mailing. Letters and packages change hands countless times in their journey, before finally arriving at their destination.

Features of Our Poly Mailer Bags

Poly mailer bags from Rutan:

  • Are made of a thicker material
  • Have a strong edge seal
  • Are extremely durable
  • Are able to be customized (logo, company name, return mailing address, etc.)
  • Are lightweight
  • Are made of high-quality polyethylene packaging and envelopes
  • Are moisture-resistant
  • Come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions
  • Are affordable
  • Offer a sturdy alternative to bulky cardboard boxes that take up too much space in carrier vehicles
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Offer protection against dust, moisture, and tampering

What Types of Poly Mailers Are Out There?

You will find that there are many different types of poly mailers to choose from. These are the eight most popular:

  1. Clearview poly mailers
  2. Layflat poly mailers
  3. Compostable poly mailers
  4. Bubble mailers
  5. Expansion poly mailers
  6. Tyvek poly mailers
  7. Recycled poly mailers
  8. Biodegradable poly mailers

Give Rutan Poly a Call!

So, when you need a bag that is strong enough to get the job done, and a company with a commitment to serving you, look no further than Rutan. We want to partner with you to supply all of your bag needs. Poly mailer bags are just one of the many options of custom poly bags that we have to offer. If we can be of any assistance, our customer service team standing by to answer your questions and find the perfect solution for your mailer bag needs!

To learn more about poly mailer bags, contact us toll-free at 800-872-1474.

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