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Wicket Bags: Pros and Cons

Wicket bags represent a cost efficient, convenient option for many businesses. In a nutshell, they are stacked plastic bags that hang on a wire wicket, held in place with rubber washers and chipboard header in some instances, featuring starter notches or side notches. Typically utilized for hand-loading, semi-automated, and automated packaging equipment, wicket bags are… Read more »

Why American Made at Rutan Poly is the Right Choice: Our Guarantee

When purchasing plastic bags and other related products, it’s always comforting to know you’re buying products that have been made in the USA. You get assurances of that here at Rutan Poly, where all our products are made in America. That’s because we are committed to total quality, and we believe that can only be… Read more »

How Wicket Bags Adapt to Your Business Needs

If you own a business, particularly one in the production or food processing field, you know how important flexibility is to your operations. When it comes to the wicketed bags you use to store your goods, flexibility is a key part of your decision on which kind to get. That’s the great thing about wicket… Read more »

High-Quality, Efficient Wicket Bags

If you are in need of wicket bags for your business, we offer a high-quality product guaranteed to bring ease and convenience to any application. Typically used for hand-loading, semi-automated, and automated packaging equipment, wicket bags are just one application for side weld poly bags, which feature a single opening. Wicket bags are designed to… Read more »

All About Materials

When you think about materials for plastics bags, you just think “plastic” – not necessarily the types of plastics used in creating them. Here at Rutan Poly, we thought we’d give you an insider’s look into what materials we use for our various bags, with each one serving a distinct purpose.  Let’s take a look… Read more »

Your Made In America Custom Films & Poly Bags

Now more than ever it is important to shop and purchase locally here in the United States. With the current climate in the economy due to the unprecedented existence of COVID-19, supporting locally owned business is just one way to ensure that the economy continues to grow and to show that your company cares about… Read more »

Rutan Poly Polyethylene Products – Proudly Produced in America

At Rutan Poly, we’ve been proud to deliver a quality product to our clients for over the last 50 years. We’ve grown in our methods, in our staff, and in our client base, and we’ve been happy to be able to customize solutions for different industries that help those industries flourish. Something we’ve been proud… Read more »

The Manufacturing Process of Making Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a part of our every day. From grocery shopping to receiving packaged shipments most of us are no stranger to using them. But what exactly goes into the process of creating all the different types of plastic bags for every application. Manufacturing a plastic bag has more involved than you might think…. Read more »

4 Benefits of Using Custom Plastic Bags

An easy trap to fall into as a business is to think that if something is good enough, then it’s good enough. When it comes to plastic bags, this is no different. Many people think that as long as it serves its purpose, then why elaborate or change anything about it? A plastic bag is… Read more »

Customizing Pinhole Bags

At Rutan Poly, we’ve been in the polyethylene business for over half a century and we’ve learned that the best way to maintain a great relationship with our partners is to focus on meeting our partners’ specific needs. One product that we’ve perfected is our line of pinhole bags that have a variety of uses… Read more »