Packaging Food Products in Poly Bags

When it comes to packaging food, you want to make sure you have a poly bag that both protects and displays your product in a professional and attractive way. With Rutan Poly, we know how important it is to take care of the product inside of the poly bag, and that’s why we take pride in providing high quality food safe packaging to our partners who specialize in the food industry. We work hard to make sure our poly bags used for food adhere to the very strict criteria laid out by the FDA, and in addition still have the ability to make your bags fit your customization needs.

It is important to note that not all plastics are designed the same. Some plastics can contain harmful chemicals that can be a detriment to a food product. Some plastics are not designed to handle food products and can come apart as a result of interaction with food. We stay on top of any and all criteria set forth by the FDA to ensure our products are safe for your products.

Using the methods we’ve had a chance to develop and perfect over the last half a century, Rutan Poly can help you come up with the perfect packaging for your product using a variety of FDA approved bag styles:

Gusset Bags – Plenty of space for foods of all variety.

Zipper Lock Bags – Perfect for resealing products and keeping them fresh.

Barrier Bags – Designed to protect contents from moisture, dirt, and other contaminates, these bags are typically puncture and smell proof.

These are just a few examples of bags that can be used to deliver your product to your clients, and the styles can also be combined to enhance both the shipping and opening experience for your clients. On top of the different styles of bags available, there are different customization options that can enhance it even further. Bags can be designed with special openings, handles, or spouts, and can be transparent, colored, or use a combination of the two and display your logo prominently in an eye catching layout.

When looking at the type of bags you want to use for your food product, you’ll want to consider how it looks, how it feels, what the experience is with receiving and opening the bag, and how much of your product you’ll want per bag. At Rutan Poly, we’ve worked with people in the food industry for some time and can help answer any and all questions when it comes to packaging your food items. Give us a call today so we can help you create the perfect package for your clients’ experience.