Your Made In America Custom Films & Poly Bags

Now more than ever it is important to shop and purchase locally here in the United States. With the current climate in the economy due to the unprecedented existence of COVID-19, supporting locally owned business is just one way to ensure that the economy continues to grow and to show that your company cares about the quality of the packaging of your product as much as the product itself.

Rutan Poly is a proud American company that strives for excellence in providing our custom films and poly bags to our partners across the country. From our humble beginnings on a kitchen table over half a century ago to the many industries we partner with now across the nation, we have always been proud to provide a quality product while simultaneously pouring back into the American economy with American jobs.

Rutan Poly manufactures over 50,000 different sizes of polyethylene bags for industries across the board. Whatever your packaging problem may be, we’ve developed, and continue to develop, new methods that will help your industry go to the next level. We know that a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work, and we pride ourselves on innovation. As we say here, it’s what we do.

Since the start of our company’s journey, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our packaging adheres to three major values: honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. The way we exemplify those values? Providing quality products that align with any and all of the latest FDA guidelines, provide you a sustainable solution to your packaging needs, and respond to your questions and needs in manner that communicates we care not just about your business but about you and your team.

Just like you, we are anxious to see this pandemic in the rear view mirror rather than right in front of us. One thing is for sure – we are all in this together, and supporting locally owned and operated business will help all of us get this country back on its feet. Purchasing from Rutan Poly not only delivers you custom films and custom poly bags that specifically fit your company’s needs, but it also helps us all find our footing in this new normal post-pandemic. Give us a call today so that our incredible customer service team can help you find the perfect packaging solution for your industry.