The Importance of Being Responsible

Despite the fact that plastic bags are more convenient and greener than plastic bags, it does not necessarily mean they should be used recklessly. While they might not be the largest contributors to the landfills today, plastic bags could become the most widespread forms of garbage if not used responsibly.

Discarding them in parks or on highways, even on beaches, is becoming a common phenomenon. Call it lack of awareness or simply a lack of concern; most people fail to realize that a lot goes into making a plastic bag.

So, should we replace them with paper bags? The answer is no, as that will only add to carbon emissions, along with the energy consumption that goes into cutting, printing, packaging and transporting paper bags.

Then are reusable bags a good alternative? To find out the answers, move on to the next chapter.

The Plastic Bag Problem

Plastic bags are prevalent in our everyday lives. It nestles our DVDs and frames our glowing computer screens. It fills our fridges, storing food. It helps us carry around our groceries, clothes and several other items. Unfortunately, there is a darker side to plastic bags.

Considering the fact that millions of plastic bags are being used in the US every year, the plastic bag problem continues to grow. There is no doubt about the fact that plastic bags are extremely beneficial, but it is true that plastic bags pose some unique problems.

As mentioned earlier, a lot goes into manufacturing a plastic bag. There are several factors involved, yet plastic bags are used so freely and irresponsibly.

Cashiers stick few items in each bag and offer customers double bagging. On the other hand, people gather piles upon piles of plastic bags in their closets, where they ultimately end up flapping from trees, blowing down the streets, clogging storm drains, and making their way out to the sea.

However, we have no one else but ourselves to blame.