Compost and Mulch Bags

Nobody likes to clean up spills, but when it comes to mulch spills, it can be especially messy. At Rutan, we’re doing our part to keep compost and mulch in the bag by creating poly bags specifically designed for mulch and compost sale and transportation. If you’ve ever carried a bag of mulch, you know how heavy it can be. The bags can weigh 50 pounds or more! To manage the weight, Rutan blends a variety of materials to ensure strength and puncture resistance. We use low and no slip material in our blend so stacking the bags is accomplished without the bags sliding.

Compost and mulch bag manufacturer, Rutan Poly Industries, Inc.

Low density bags are thick, flexible and highly-resistant to puncturing and tearing. They are ideal for use in bags containing mulch and compost because of their ability to hold heavy items without puncturing or tearing. At Rutan, we have more than 50 years of experience in creating these low density bags to hold compost and mulch of all types.

Over the years, we have supplied these bags to countless companies in the industry. We are happy to say that our customers have turned into customers for life. The one thing we hear from them more than anything else, is how valued they feel by our customer service team. This is no coincidence. Since our company was founded, we have made customer service a big priority. Everything we do, from bag design, to construction, to answering your questions, is all done to serve our customers.

If you need a partner to make bags for compost or mulch, try Rutan. With our legendary customer service and a commitment to quality, we bet you’ll be glad you did!

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